Mobile coming Soon

A full mobile experience is coming very soon. In the meantime, feel free to sign up or check out the full experience on a desktop computer. For map functionality please use the desktop experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to use Acres?

The basic version of Acres is free to use, but we will be releasing premium membership options in the future.

Is there a mobile app for Acres?

Currently, there is not a mobile app for Acres. However, a mobile app is being developed.

In the meantime, please use your preferred web browser on a desktop computer.

How do I submit a review on Acres' performance?

We're always looking for ways to make Acres even better! If you find a bug or would like to suggest a new feature, you can let us know view the Contact Us form.

Why doesn't the data from the Acres map layers match what I see on my farm?

In some cases, data layers derived from satellite imagery (such as vegetation indexes and crop history) will not be as precise as physical inspection. We recommend supplementing your analysis with on-the-ground information.

Why is my map not showing some places?

Acres sources data from a variety of data vendors, both public and private. Where available, we disclose the source; you can find that information when you select a data layer.

Most data within the Acres tool is available for all U.S. states excluding Hawaii and Alaska. While we do our best to capture most of the contiguous U.S., we cannot guarantee that comprehensive information will be available for every farm.

How often is Acres updated?

Update frequency depends on specific data sources and varies by data type and geographic location.

For example, parcel records and historical sales are sourced from local jurisdictions and are updated monthly. Soil information and crop history are derived from USDA survey data and are updated annually.